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Mary Marcia, Trip Navigators • Spin Instructor • CYCLEdelic • Lakeland’s Premiere Indoor Cycling Concourse • Spinning, Spin Class, Fitness, Fun Exercise

Mary Marcia

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Mary Marcia believes the bike is the place to re-center, re-energize, re-commit, and begin to realize your goals. “The room is dark, the space is yours, and the bike can truly take you to where you want to be.”

Mary Marcia has helped her class participants “clip in” and achieve their fitness goals in the saddle for more than a dozen years. Prior to teaching indoor cycling, Mary Marcia was a high school teacher and Director of Education who coached multiple cheerleading and dance teams. She earned her AFAA Personal Training Certification in the late 90s and followed that certification with certifications in: Primary Group Exercise, Cardio Kickboxing, ZUMBA, Step, and Cycling.

Her proudest athletic accomplishments include; leading a class of 10 riders to set the Guinness World Record for the Longest Static Cycling Class (24 hrs 7 mins 30 secs), breaking the Guinness World Record for the Most Static Cycling Classes Attended in One Year, and working with teammates to achieve the very first Ironman 70.3 North American Female Relay Team Championship title.

When she is not leading an energetic Fit Trip that has participants digging for their “1% more”, Mary Marcia enjoys creating events for the non-profit PHEEL GOOD Foundation, treasure hunting at local antique shops, and engaging in thought-provoking genuine conversation with loved ones and friends.

She loves the saying, “The difference between try and triumph is a little umph”, and encourages participants to find their “umph” (big or little) with every pedal stroke.

Anne, Trip Navigators • Spin Instructor • CYCLEdelic • Lakeland’s Premiere Indoor Cycling Concourse • Spinning, Spin Class, Fitness, Fun Exercise


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Anne has been indoor cycling for 20 years, and she’s been teaching indoor cycling for almost as long! “I love it so much, I had to teach it!”

Anne loves that indoor cycling can be any type of workout you want it to be — a warm-up, high intensity cardio training, high gear resistance training, a short ride, a long ride, or anything in between.

“Each of us gets on the bike for something, and each day it could be different — getting fitter, relieving stress, losing weight, better health, etc. If I can help you do what you came to do, that maybe you would not do on your own …whether that is driving you to reach a goal or simply have fun…then I’ve performed my role. That’s what I love!”  

In 2009, Anne was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She was told that she would need to change her lifestyle… including teaching fitness classes and working out, but Anne was steadfast and determined not to let her disease command her lifestyle. “Here I am 10+ years later and probably the most fit I’ve been in my life. I owe much of that to cycling.”

When she is not helping riders reach their goals on the bike, this fit Trip Navigator (who studied Electrical Engineering for her Master’s degree) enjoys nearly anything that keeps her active — from yard work, to playing golf. She hopes to one day hike the Grand Canyon, and she doesn’t necessarily expect it to be easy, because as her self-written favorite quote reminds us… “If it were easy, it would be easy!” 

Will • Spin Instructor • CYCLEdelic • Lakeland’s Premiere Indoor Cycling Concourse • Spinning, Spin Class, Fitness, Fun Exercise


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Will has been teaching indoor cycling since the mid 90s! “I’d see all these folks leaving the gym’s little cycling room SOAKED and I said… ‘I want to do THAT!'” — and so he did. He earned his Spinning certification and continued working to accomplish a Star Three Lifetime Certification, while teaching cycling classes at various states across the country.

For Will, it’s all about supporting and working with others to help them obtain their fitness goals, and he knows indoor cycling to be the best low impact means of getting there.

When Will is not delivering motivating instruction on the bike (and not cruising in the CYCLEdelicMobile), you will likely find him running around Lake Hollingsworth and other area running hot spots. Will is an All American Athlete in long distance running, who has achieved ten First Place Overall State Championship RRCA titles. He is also an NFPT Master Personal Fitness Trainer, and USATF Certified Running Coach.

His proudest athletic accomplishments include; a Guinness World Record for participation in the Longest Static Indoor Cycling Class, and a TICK TOCK ULTRA Relay Team win where he and his teammates logged over 98 miles in 12 hours!

When first meeting Will, you may be surprised to learn that he loves FUNK music, but after joining him for a few of his exciting Fit Trips, you’ll likely be groovin’ right beside him!

Will • Spin Instructor • CYCLEdelic • Lakeland’s Premiere Indoor Cycling Concourse • Spinning, Spin Class, Fitness, Fun Exercise


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Katherine has been indoor cycling for the past half decade. She loves that indoor cycling provides an avenue for great workouts that build strength while having fun. “I love that it feels like I’m just at a party with some friends and we happen to be working out.”

You can join one of Katherine’s “parties on the bike” each week as she delivers well-crafted, creative, and fun JIVE RIDEs!

“I love creating playlists. I love music!”

Katherine’s love of music dates back to the days before her competitive ballroom dancing and before her three years of serving as captain of her high school dance club. In addition to cycling and dancing, Katherine has also enjoyed boxing, yoga, and climbing. She feels that her biggest fitness accomplishment is being consistent with moving her body every day — be it just 10 minutes of stretching and walking, or really going for it with an intense cycling class.

When she is not teaching indoor cycling, Katherine can likely be found soaking in the sun or soaking in some new knowledge about plants and gardening. She is also a mental health professional by day and likes to bring a piece of her profession to the cycling concourse reminding participants that the bike is good not only for physical health but for mental health as well, and by encouraging participants to adopt a “you vs you” mindset during a journey toward progress.

Her favorite quote is “my history does not disqualify me from my destiny.” Book your bike now to join Katherine for a mentally and physically transformative ride. 

Joe, Trip Navigator • Spin Instructor • CYCLEdelic • Lakeland’s Premiere Indoor Cycling Concourse • Spinning, Spin Class, Fitness, Fun Exercise


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Joe discovered the world of indoor cycling in 2022. Since then, his loyal dedication to a consistent riding regimen has transformed “pre ’22 Joe” into “Joe of today” — the one who is in the best shape of his life, both mentally and physically.

“I love the sport, the demanding workouts, the energetic atmosphere, and the sense of belonging within a community of like-minded riders. Experiencing the health benefits firsthand has been truly remarkable.”

Joe wants to help YOU experience those health benefits, too! Joe has dedicated his professional life to teaching and guiding others towards achieving goals. He finds it motivating to witness others grow and experience success, and he has discovered that such growth and success is dependably achieved by those participating in his CYCLEdelic fit trips.

“I feel inspired to give back as I have gained so much from my experiences with indoor cycling.”

In addition to attaining his optimal level of fitness to date, Joe has personally achieved some exciting athletic milestones at CYCLEdelic. He was one of the first 10 participants to successfully complete 500 rides — and he did that in just 18 months! He completed his CYCLEdelic indoor cycling instructor training and earned his certification. AND he was one of only 26 athletes to complete a Century Ride at CYCLEdelic! That was a well-earned fitness success of realizing 100 miles in 5 hours!

Joe achieved the Century Ride with his best friend and wife, Monica. When they are not enjoying fit trips together at CYCLEdelic, the couple can often be found soaking up life’s precious moments by exploring new places together and traveling. In the future, Joe looks forward to outfitting a van and traveling the US.

But for now, Joe is excited to outfit his instructor bike with; a water bottle, towel, and handlebar covers and help YOU and all of his fit trip participants “rewrite your story” and “be the person you want to become.”


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